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#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 12 – Let Your Voice Be Heard (0)

Too many people fought, sacrificed, and lost their lives to give us the right to vote for us to not exercise that right! In episode 12 we talk about the

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The Makings of a Man Scholarship Raffle (0)

Here's your chance to support The Makings of a Man Scholarship and possibly win a $300 Visa gift card in the process! The Makings of a Man Foundation

The Makings of a Man Scholarship (0)

The Makings of a Man Scholarship is available to all undergraduate males who have a strong will to both display the characteristics of true manhood and instill those values in

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 11 – It’s Hard Work (0)

After speaking at the Etiquette for Success Seminar in Walterboro, SC, we talk about some of the key points of our presentation and also talk a little about the value

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 10 – It’s Football Season (0)

Football season is one again upon us! In celebration of one of the most wonderful times of the year, we talk all NFL everything! From on the field performance and

Kirtland Central High School Peer Mentors Welcome Freshmen

Sometimes the best mentor is a peer mentor. No one is closer to your situation than someone who just experienced it recently. Read More: Kirtland Central High School peer mentors welcome freshmen

Lunch Buddies Mentor Program Seeks More Volunteers

The smallest commitment can make the biggest difference. These mentors take 30 minutes a week to help change a young child's life. What can you do to help today's youth? Read

300 Miles for Mentoring Bicycle Ride (0)

It's good to see so many people going the distance for mentoring! Read More: 300 Miles for Mentoring bicycle ride celebrates 5 years of giving, 1,500 miles of cycling, all for one

Mentors Matter, But More Are Needed (0)

Mentors are in dire need all across our nations. Salute to all who take the opportunity to change a life! Read More: Mentors matter, but more are needed in Dauphin County |

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 9 – To Whom Much Is Given (0)

With power comes responsibility. Whether it's physical power, education, the power of the law, or the power of a weapon, a heavy burden lies on the shoulders of the person

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