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#GoFundBOD (0)

Help us spread the word about our Go Fund Me fundraiser and you could get a cut of the donations! It's simple, for every tweet sent with the hashtag #GoFundBOD

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Director’s Note – Find Joy In The Success of Others (1)

Happiness is a choice. Once you make up your mind to be happy, you are. For some it may be a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s entirely true. It

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 19 – Self Evaluation (0)

Do you take time out to evaluate yourself? One of the hardest things to do in life is to check yourself. In episode 19, we talk about why it's important

20 Scripture Verses that Define Mature Manhood (0)

The ideas and concepts we discussed in The Makings of a Man aren't just random ideas we came up with on our own. Many of them can be traced back

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 18 – The Random Episode (0)

Honestly, we had a plan for this episode. We had a topic picked out. We came REALLY close to discussing it; then we mad a HUGE left turn and talked

Life Beyond the Classroom (0)

We shared a lot of good information at the Life Beyond the Classroom panel discussion. The Lox all walked out with a copy of The Makings of a Man! Do

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 17 – What’s Your Type? (0)

Happy New Year everyone! In our first episode of 2015 we talk about new year's resolutions, boxing, and have an in depth conversation about introversion, extroversion, the roles they play in

Support The Makings of a Man Foundation Fundraiser (0)

The Makings of a Man Foundation is raising funds for our 2015 operations and we'd LOVE to have your support as we work towards our 2015 initiatives! Your donations will support

#TheBoardMeeting – 2014 Year End Board Meeting (0)

2014 was a great year for us filled with many great conversations and what seemed like hundreds of jokes. Join us on a trip down memory lane and relive some

Richland County Public Library Local Author Showcase (0)

Join us on Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 11AM to 1PM at the Richland County Public Library Local Author Showcase! Come on out and purchase an autographed paperback version of

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