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#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 36 – Thanks A Lot (0)

Lots of thanks to go around on this episode of #TheBoardMeeting. We reminisce on Thanksgivings past and some of our Thanksgiving family traditions, and also give our #BODtop3 unconventional things

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The Makings of a Dream Book Trailer (0)

After being asked on many occasions how we wrote our debut book, The Makings of a Man, we set out to put into writing what it actually takes to make

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 35 – Men’s Health With Dr. Nicole Swiner (0)

We had the pleasure of discussing men's health issues with Dr. Nicole Swiner in episode 35 of #TheBoardMeeting. From prostate exams to male balding, Dr. Swiner gives us real, practical

Interested in The Board of Directors’ mentoring sessions? (0)

We'll be introducing our monthly mentoring sessions in 2016 and we need your help. If you or someone you know may be interested in having a young man attend our

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 34 – Don’t Be Scared (0)

Halloween is coming, but don't be scared! In episode 34 of #TheBoardMeeting we talk about the difference between Halloween when we were kids and now, our 3 man football pick

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 33 – Our Interview with Meaghan Norman (0)

On episode 33 of #TheBoardMeeting we get a chance to turn the tables on WISTV's Meaghan Norman and have her answer questions instead of asking them. We get some insight on

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 32 – Anti-Social (0)

In episode 32 of #TheBoardMeeting, we recap our trip to Walterboro and our experience dealing with middle school kids. Also, we get into why Mike and Jabari refuse to use

Awareness on WIS-TV (0)

We had the pleasure of appearing on Awareness on WIS-TV to discuss how mentoring makes a difference in the lives of young men. If you missed our appearance when it

Join The Conversation on Awareness (0)

We're thankful for the opportunity appear on Awareness and speak about what we do to help improve the lives of young men. Hopefully we the message we shared will positively impact

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 31 – That Awkward Moment (0)

We've all had those moments where things don't quite go like they're supposed to. On episode 31, we talk about those awkward moments, and strangely enough most of them happened

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