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#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 54 – Our Interview with Minister Jimmie Whaley (0)

In this episode we talk with Minister Jimmie Whaley of Sunset Boulevard Church of Christ here in Columbia, South Carolina. We talk about how he grew up, his philosophy of

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#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 53 – Go For The Gold (0)

Who is the greatest Olympian of all time: Phelps or Bolt? Why do we as grown men know SO much about women's gymnastics? In episode 53 we answer these questions

August Session of Manhood Academy (0)

Watch the video above for coverage of #ManhoodAcademy! Manhood Academy, in partnership with Richland County Sheriff's Department and Sistercare is a FREE monthly mentoring session held on the 4th Saturday of each month. If

#POMS16 Wrap Up (0)

We had a great time at the 4th Annual Principles of Manhood Symposium. Over 75 men of all ages gathered together at the Sunset Boulevard Church of Christ in West

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 52 – 4th Annual Principles of Manhood Symposium (0)

Jabari & Gerard hold it down while Mike is on vacation on Florida, but that doesn't stop Mike from sending in some audio motivation while chilling by the pool. The

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 51 – Fighting Demons (0)

Does the man who admits his shortcomings deserve to be commended or condemnation? In episode 51 we talk about Perry Noble being removed from his position as pastor of NewSpring

A Statement on Recent Police Shootings (0)

With the stunning regularity of black lives being lost at the hands of law enforcement, it would be futile for The Board of Directors, LLC and The Makings of a

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 50 – We Love The 90’s (0)

It's the golden episode! In episode 50 we talk a little about men's health, and a lot about the 90's. To be specific, the O.J. Simpson trial and some of

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 49 – Straight 🔥 (0)

Steph Curry's new shoes had the internet on FIRE this week, so of course we had to add our 3 cents to the mix. We also recap our NBA Finals

Blab with #DOCSWINER & O. Gerard Droze (0)

Watch our Co-Founder O. Gerard Droze & #Docswiner as they discuss Men's Health and The Makings of a Man! Learn more about #Docswiner at!

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