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#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 32 – Anti-Social (0)

In episode 32 of #TheBoardMeeting, we recap our trip to Walterboro and our experience dealing with middle school kids. Also, we get into why Mike and Jabari refuse to use

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Awareness on WIS-TV (0)

We had the pleasure of appearing on Awareness on WIS-TV to discuss how mentoring makes a difference in the lives of young men. If you missed our appearance when it

Join The Conversation on Awareness (0)

We're thankful for the opportunity appear on Awareness and speak about what we do to help improve the lives of young men. Hopefully we the message we shared will positively impact

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 31 – That Awkward Moment (0)

We've all had those moments where things don't quite go like they're supposed to. On episode 31, we talk about those awkward moments, and strangely enough most of them happened

2015 Etiquette For Success Seminar (0)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 9, 2015 CONTACT: Michael Holoman EMAIL: PHONE: 803.386.9660     AUTHOR TRIO RETURN TO PARTICIPATE IN 5th ANNUAL ETIQUETTE SEMINAR WALTERBORO, SC— Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and Gerard Droze, authors of “The Makings of

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 30 – Football Back (0)

In episode 30 of #TheBoardMeeting we talk about our favorite sport, FOOTBALL! Everything from RGIII to fantasy football is discussed in only a way the 3 of us can do.

The Board of Directors, LLC Celebrates 5 Years! (0)

In 2010, Jabari, Michael, and Gerard formally founded The Board of Directors, LLC, an organization dedicated to nurturing the development of manhood throughout society via mentorship and personal accountability.  Since

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 29 – Do You (0)

It's Back To School time, yet college may not be in the cards for everyone. In episode 29 we talk about the value of learning even if you don't go

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 28 – 3rd Annual Principles of Manhood Symposium (0)

In episode 28 of #TheBoardMeeting we talk about the upcoming 3rd Annual Principles of Manhood Symposium, Jabari's new car (yes, Jabari dominates the conversation!), and we bring back the #BODtop3

#TheBoardMeeting – Episode 27 – Get Off My Lawn (0)

In episode 27 we get our old man on and talk about Ghostface's old man rant, how music was back in OUR day, and the father of the year who

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