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“The Board of Directors are a good investment for any program, because they represent well! They proved to be dependable, articulate, personable and worth the cost. The one thing that solidified their professionalism was that there talk was backed up with their dress code. I highly recommend the Board of Directors, because of their innovative approach to encouraging young men to be the best man they can be by using vision and responsibility through servant-hood and proper etiquette on the job, in the home and in the community.”

Shiela Martina Keaise
Motivational Speaker/Children’s Librarian/Author/Storyteller
Colleton County Memorial Library

“They have a way of simplifying some of the complexities of relationships so that the listener can more easily understand what helps relationships as well as what hurts relationships. In the process, they inspire everyone to make the changes that will add beauty to the relationship whether we’re discussing husband/wife, parent/child, or work relations. As you listen, it quickly becomes obvious that these 3 men spend time not only reading, but thinking about life and how it should work. Their passion and sincerity shines through every conversation we have and I truly count it an honor to be involved with this team of men who believe in adding to society. ”

Carl Thornton, Jr. 
Host, Speaking With Carl Thornton, Jr.
WTHB 1550AM, www.SpeakingWith.com

Hear Carl Thornton, Jr. speak about The Board of Directors

“I have had many opportunities to see The Board of Directors in action, and they are AMAZING! They present their message with power, with authority, with passion, and they’re just absolutely amazing when they stand before an audience. They command attention.

As a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother of 2 young men, and then working with young people myself, I understand this message is most needed.

What’s most important about The Board of Directors and their book is that they’re not selfish. They are reaching out to help other young men.”

Dawn Mills-Campbell
New Dawning Publications

“The Board of Directors is a respected and important partner in our city. The organization’s work with children, youth, and their parents is a vital service that helps our community. Their mentoring program has been invaluable at W.G. Sanders Middle School, and I offer my full support for the expansion of The Board of Directors.”

Andrenna A. Smith
W.G. Sanders Middle School

“Our male students thoroughly enjoyed hearing the speakers, and they continued to talk about them and their message long after the actual speech. It is evident that Mr. Holoman and Mr. Droze are talented and driven men. They have a passion for reaching and guiding young people. I would recommend them speaking and working with young people of all racial and economic backgrounds.”

Sarah E. Harvey
Vice Principal
Newberry High School

“These wonderful men have been gracious enough to volunteer their time to direct some middle school boys, all from difficult environments, through their book and curriculum The Makings of a Man. They not only have provided a comfortable setting that encourages these young men to share about their lives, but they are teaching them so many of the essential elements of manhood that they would not be exposed to otherwise. Young men their age are typically already in a gang, so the fact that they have an opportunity to be in the presence of The Board of Directors for an hour each week is nothing short of a miracle.

I have been so impressed with these three men’s demeanor, their compassion, and their candor. My hope is that their book and curriculum will reach – and make a difference in – many, many other young men’s lives.”

Deena C. Bouknight
Prosperity Project

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the gentlemen who comprise The Board of Directors for several years now. Serving as a panelist and moderator for their community outreach initiatives I have witnessed firsthand their passion for building better, stronger, and more aware young men, and the professionalism with which they complete this arduous task.

It is without hesitation that I call these men friends as well as role models for our youth who I’ve known to have an extremely unparalleled work ethic and upstanding character. I have watched their initiative flourish from a local push to a much larger and organized movement, offering valuable advice based on their life lessons, meeting their audience at their level, and I’ve witnessed young men take to heart their words and plan on how they can apply their guidance, to their lives and become better young men.

They are genuine, sincere, and extremely articulate in delivering their message. They should receive any and all consideration available as upstanding citizens that I am proud to say I know. As dedicated fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, etc., the message they convey is from experience and is very much in touch with the societal obstacles youth today are subjected to.”

Walter Griffin, MBA, MA
Newberry High School

“I have worked side by side with The Board of Directors over the course of a two-year period at Richland County School District One – W.G. Sanders Middle School. They have served in a variety of meaningful capacities to help improve the lives of our students, parents, and school-community. They have served as presenters and promoters of education, self-respect, mentorship and community outreach for Richland School District One’s city-wide and literacy outreach, “Reading Rocks”; community representatives for W.G. Sanders Middle School’s Community Partnership Gala with world-renowned author Dr. Nikki Giovanni; community leaders as Principals for A Day 2012; literacy-mentorship partners with the South Carolina Department of State’s 21st Century Grant based on-site at W.G. Sanders Middle School; and as community officers of the W.G. Sanders School Improvement Council (S.I.C.).

As a direct report, The Board of Directors are all committed and dedicated men that have a sincere devotion to helping improve the lives of young men through literacy and mentorship. They always demonstrate superior rapport with students and district/school/community personnel. Just as important, they are reliable and “walk the walk” of their organization’s mission and vision. They have always been the organization that are first to arrive and last to leave, ensuring that they are available to assist in any fashion that is beneficial to students and the school-community.

Studies show that organizations, such as The Board of Directors, that provide youth with mentoring relationships have provided strong evidence of their success in reducing the incidence of delinquency, substance use, and academic failure. Furthermore, a mentor program provides and have promoted positive outcomes such as improved self-esteem, social skills, and career development. As a partner of W.G. Sanders Middle School, The Board of Directors have done all of this! They have played a key role in decreasing the male student discipline referrals and school suspensions by 42% for the 2011-2012 school year and served as a key contributor of interventions for these students for the school-based District Intervention Team. W.G. Sanders Middle School received state-wide accolades for the partnering with them in providing mentorship opportunities. The Board of Directors have always been willing to “step outside of the box” to find innovative measures to work with the school and other organizations whose mission is aligned with or could benefit from their organization’s interactive mentorship programming and support our students across the board.

While I have missed the working relationship I had with The Board of Directors at Richland School District One, I am a definitely a continuing supporter of their great works. Each of these men provide different perspectives, based upon their own personal background, that welcome and intrigues students from any community or walk of life. As a current Field Director for international J-1 visa students from sixty different countries, one thing is common amongst all students – the need for a positive mentor in their lives! I can envision The Board of Directors making great strides not only domestically, but reaching out to our international male students that have trouble acclimating to American schools and society. Therefore, funding The Board of Directors would broaden their scope to reaching beyond one school and one school district. They can continue to develop on a broader scale reaching more students beyond the zones of schools and districts, gaining more momentum– and possibly reaching students on a global perspective.

Christina Smith-Galloway
Southeast Field Director
Youth For Understanding USA

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