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Our Friday lunch conversations are part of the reason we started our podcast. This episode is a perfect example of how those conversations typically go. We talk about broken microwaves, cell phone technology, the 4 Greek words for love, weight loss, and the quality of premade hamburgers and it's all connected in episode 90 of #TheBoardMeeting!
We kicked it old school on this episode and went without a guest to talk about working out (a regular favorite) and tried to figure out what is love? We break down how we define love, how to love, and when love isn't enough. Somewhere in the mix we stumble upon a love triangle also!
A conversation with man of the cloth who can explain things clearly will always leave you changed for the better. That was our experience talking to Bishop James Mack of Bible Way Church of Christ World Wide here in Columbia, South Carolina (3111 Piedmont Ave., 29203). He shared with us how he received the calling to be a pastor, his first sermon, and how he handles the pressure of being in a highly visible leadership position.

He also will be hosting the Unbreakable Bond: Celebratory Banquet Honoring Fathers and Sons on February 16, 2019 at 4PM at the Cecil Tillis Center (2111 Simpkins Lane, Columbia, SC 29204 ). Tickets are $20 per person. We're honored to be among the guest speakers for this event.

You can contact Bishop Mack at 803.206.4986 to get your tickets today!